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Pooled Payment

Within the scope of pooled payment, the trader places an order with the participating industrial partners and receives the ordered goods directly. The invoices are issued by the manufacturer and adressed to the trader, however they are sent to NORDWEST for clearing. NORDWEST groups all of the manufacturer’s invoices for its trading partner into collective invoices; the trading partner pays NORDWEST, and NORDWEST clears the unsettled receivables of the supplier.

Within the framework of del credere liability, NORDWEST is responsible for all of the trading partner’s liabilities which have arisen within the scope of pooled payment through the purchasing of goods and services. Pooled payment considerably simplifies payment processing for NORDWEST’s trading partners , especially because it guarantees that all payments are made on time, as well as making the best use of discount agreements. In addition, trading partners benefit from the del credere provision with all purchases made via NORDWEST. For industrial partners, it is the optimised processing and the reliability that del credere liability provides that are the main advantages.