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Specialists and Generalists

NORDWEST specialist partners are independent, medium sized wholesalers who have generally served commercial clients in their respective regions for many Generations. These are tradesmen and industrial companies as well as public clients such as local municipalities and authorities. These trading companies see themselves as the link between the manufacturing industry and commercial customers.

At the same time NORDWEST trading partners differentiate themselves greatly in terms of their strategic orientation: There are both dedicated specialists (e.g. Sanitary commodity wholesalers or steel Traders who also offer tools and occupational health and safety products/PPE in order to supplement their range). Furthermore there are generalists who offer corresponding goods, e.g. Hand and power tools, technical fastening systems, building hardware, building elements and occupational health and safety/PPE products.
NORDWEST supports all of its partners with services which are both comprehensive as well as specific, i.e. services which individual traders cannot provide or can only provide at a disproportionately high cost:

  • Centralised purchasing negotiations for optimum conditions and attractive reimbursements
  • Process optimised ordering and payment clearing
  • IT and data services
  • Sales support
  • Professional sales and trademark concepts
  • Comprehensive marketing support
  • Seminars and training
  • Attractive framework agreements