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Outstanding Quality at a Reasonable Price

Very early on NORDWEST recognised that a well thought out exclusive brand strategy offers important advantages to trading partners: With exclusive own brands, they can offer customers who are particularly price-conscious high quality alternatives to branded products and at the same time create a clear distinction against regional or national competition.

  • Determining the range alongside trading partners
  • Binding quality specifications to the manufacturer
  • Procurement security
  • Quality checks
  • Naming/branding, logo design
  • Packaging design
  • Integration in all relevant catalogues
  • Targeted marketing activities




  • Exclusive company brand for tools and warehouse equipment/operating Equipment
  • Exclusive Company brand for technical chemical products, occupational health and safety/PPE, leisurewear products related to technical trade
  • Development of the range for specialist traders in welding equipment alongside leading manufacturers
  • Tested, top quality
  • Manufactured by well-known manufacturers in accordance with applicable DIN and ISO standards
  • Fulfils all requirements of the users in terms of effectivity, reliability, precision and high endurance
  • A professional range with 7,500 products
  • Operation for professional applications
  • Attractive value for money
  • good advice, fast availability of the equipment and reliable service
  • Uniform packaging design and optimum value for money for ideal marketing of the range


  • Exclusive Company brand for sanitary/bathroom ceramics and fittings, bathroom furniture and radiators, shower separations and accessories
  • Highly successful since 1981
  • Horizontal diversification as a result of the "Delphis pure", "Delphis fresh" and "Delphis Basic" product lines; "Delphis therm" product line for highly developed complete solutions that utilise solar heat
  • Professionally designed brand presences that expresses emotions