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Successful Cooperation

Sanitary goods and heating wholesalers operate in a very complex market that is characterized by aggressive competition. These partners expect specific services from their associate group, e.g. with reference to marketing, organisation, data maintenance and calculations. Their customers are plumbers, fitters, housing societies as well as private building owners and renovators.

In 2006 NORDWEST Handel AG and Nürnberger Bund Produktionsverbindungshandels GmbH merged their business areas in the field of sanitary goods and heating into a cooperation and founded a joint subsidiary: Today in its respective market, HAGRO Haustechnik Handels GmbH is a leading purchasing and marketing group for around 150 specialist wholesalers.

HAGRO fulfils all system-related tasks of a main office that serves independent specialist wholesalers (e.g. with reference to purchasing, marketing and services):

  • Procurement concentration
  • Top brands of selected manufacturers
  • Clear price structures and attractive conditions
  • Synergies for manufacturers and traders through pooled payment
  • Centralised warehouse in order to reduce warehouse stocks among traders
  • Top logistics with 24-hour delivery service
  • Process optimisation and a reduction in administrative costs
  • Effective marketing, professional addressing of end customers
  • Exclusive own brand, modern display concept
  • Promotion of partners as specialists in regenerative energies

All of HAGRO’s services are jointly determined on the basis of dialogue, information and transparency. And what arises out of this are the issues that HAGRO partners value from the cooperation with their main office: Strong orientation towards goals, ties and loyalty.