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Business area - Steel

With the pooling of 130 small and medium sized, private-managed enterprises, the business area connected with steel forms one of the largest, central steel trading groups in Germany. NORDWEST actively accompanies its partners in the business of procurement in factory/trade transactions and provides comprehensive services, which includes financial services.

In order to confront changes in the market at an early stage we have developed sustainable, effective and future-oriented strategies, which every steel trader in the Group benefits from, regardless of its size and orientation. In particular we have espacially focussed on the important procurement processes at an early stage. Balanced relations with the product areas ensure maximum independance.
Across Europe, we enjoy ever growing acceptance as a long term, reliable partner. This is because we offer our trading partners a comprehensive range of services:

  • Taking on the pooled payment function
  • Direct to customer business
  • Procurement concentration
  • Generating service-oriented, advantageous conditions
  • Accompanying and maintaining the market
  • Market observation
  • Market information and exchanging experience
  • Developing the ‘IG-Stahl’ team