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A survey that was carried out among NORDWEST trading partners confirmed the high costs that are necessary for handling data: In every company, the coordination, procurement, standardisation, refining and processing article data (i.e. master data, catalogue texts, technical features, photo/classification information) tie up a significant amount of resources. As a general rule this work is both indispensible and essential in terms of the company’s own materials management as well as marketing associated with e-commerce and refined data (i.e. quality checked, up to date data).

The data portal takes this burden off the shoulders of NORDWEST trading partners with a valuable, centralised service.

The technical concept:

  • A central web-based data platform for trade and industry
  • Permanent, active updating of data incorporating every import format
  • Standardisation of data
  • Targeted selection of export ranges across all suppliers
  • Freely-configurable export formats: PDF, csv, xls, xml (BMEcat)
  • Only one standard house format per target system (for all supplier data)

The services of NORDWEST:

  • Sourcing of article data within the industry
  • Checking the data using over 170 integrated checks
  • Revising/Standardising article texts: NORDWEST text, 7x40 characters, BMEcat text, (80 characters)
  • Standardation of units (price units, quantity units, measurements)
  • Maintenance of groups of conditions
  • Maintenance of technical characteristics
  • Classification of data at a hierarchy level (eCl@ss, proficl@ss)
  • Classification of technical characteristics (cross-supplier)