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Strong partnership 
Generating growth together

Working together as an alliance creates valuable synergies across all corporate areas. It lets you enjoy a range of benefits, above all lower expenses and costs as well as more customers and sales. With our specialist trade partners, we serve countless customers representing almost all areas of industry, as well as crafts and municipalities. For you and your products, this means direct access to a large market and excellent sales opportunities. Furthermore, NORDWEST offers its trade partners a range of additional services, including effective solutions for finance, logistics and digitalisation.

Together with our many specialist trade and strong supplier partners, NORDWEST maintains a successful network that stands for promoting the digital transformation as well as agility, strategic foresight and innovative concepts. We inspire and support our partners so that they can carry this spirit further into the market and to their customers in industry and crafts as well as to municipal clients.

One of NORDWEST’s focal points is the digital networking of manufacturers with specialist trade partners. The EDI connection allows the optimisation of both procurement and sales processes. 

In this way, NORDWEST EDI clearing acts as a hub, converting your process data to ensure a smooth exchange with all of your many business partners. With a connection to NORDWEST, you can network with any number of partners. This allows you to ensure the constant growth of your digital network and therefore lean processes, low error rates, greater transparency and speed, as well as consistent processes. With data logistics thereby optimised from the manufacturer to the end consumer, you will increase your sales opportunities on the market.


Your added values 

New customers

Depending on the product, you gain access to specialised wholesalers and reach a wide range of customer segments in the steel, construction, trades & industry and building services sectors. NORDWEST uses creative network formats to support dialogue and knowledge exchange between you and your fellow partners. Together, we will pinpoint development potential and make inroads into the target markets.

Solid financing

With its central payment and clearly organised processes, NORDWEST is a strong finance partner for secure and reliable payment transactions.  For industrial partners, the main focus is on the high level of security provided by del credere liability. Punctual receipt of payment, zero default risk, much less administrative effort:

Marketing expertise

With their high level of expertise and many years of experience, our employees are reliable partners for sales-oriented marketing concepts for the further growth of basic products, new products and products requiring intensive sales support. We develop pioneering solutions to reinforce and expand sales and procurement markets. We promote your product range across all channels and media. 


The NORDWEST information system N.I.S. connects you with thousands of users as a perfect marketing and communication platform for your promotions. Dealers can directly access suppliers’ product and marketing information. If you are connected to NORDWEST via EDI, you can also use the EDI self-service to network with other potential specialist trade partners with just one click and expand your digital network.

Digital solutions

Digitalisation is a key focus at NORDWEST. We offer greater efficiency and higher potential through the consistent use of digitalisation in various processes. The focus here is on networking the EDI connection of all our partners in order to interlink procurement and sales processes. EDI clearing acts here as a hub, converting your process data to ensure a smooth exchange with all of your many business partners.


Enriched data

Your product master data, which is prepared in-house for our concepts (stock assortment, catalogues, brochures, etc.), is available to all authorised specialist dealers via our DataConnect internet platform. Users can conveniently compile their own assortments according to their own criteria and have them delivered in the target format to all systems on a time-controlled basis as needed. Specifically enriched product data increases sales and forms the basis for efficient and transparent processes.


Strong logistics

Our fast, efficient and reliable central warehouse is a key to your success. We handle small orders in a centralised process, increasing the availability of goods for dealers – with same-day shipping (on request to the end customer) and an extremely low error rate. We increase the sales potential for stock articles with industry-specific stock catalogues and e-business solutions as attractive sales instruments.

Virtual warehouses

The virtual warehouse concept lets our trade partners access your stocks and benefit from an expanded product
assortment. At the same time, we offer you new sales opportunities through access to an even broader customer base. Standard interfaces ensure short communication paths and simple, automatic processes – including the process for providing article data.

Framework agreements

No matter whether buying or leasing: we have long been successfully offering our customers the use of various NORDWEST framework agreements in the automotive business. This attractive offer is also available to our suppliers. Benefit from framework agreements for various vehicle options. It may be possible to purchase a vehicle from your local dealer (does not apply to all framework agreements).

Our contacts 
will be glad to assist you.

Yvonne Weyerstall Head of Division Trade & Industry at NORDWEST Handel AG

Yvonne Weyerstall

Head of Division Trades & Industry

Marc Gronau Head of Division Construction & Europe at NORDWEST Handel AG

Marc Gronau

Head of Division Construction & Europe

Claudio Kemper Head of Division Steel at NORDWEST Handel AG

Claudio Kemper

Head of Division Steel

Mario Tröck Head of Division Building Services at NORDWEST Handel AG

Mario Tröck

Head of Division Building Services

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